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Baby LifeVac type Devices pale to real Infant First Aid Training

I am asked a lot about the Baby Choking Glasky Lifevac Device (or the like DeCHOKER device). A mother called me today asking if she should get one. I viewed one of the many stories by Inside Edition on this device.

First off the story indicates the parents first tried the Heimlich Maneuver, which would be physically impossible to do to an infant. Then the parent just tapped the baby on the back. Back blows do NOTHING unless the chest is simultaneously allowed to push upwards. These parents and the bystander had obviously never taken a first aid class, which should be a minimum requirement when having a baby. A bystander ran to their car and brought in his Lifevac Device. Fortunately it worked, but it was not a good choice, and wasted valuable time.

There is no FDA approval (I will admit it’s not required to have one). The bottom line is in the time taken to find some sort of device where there are very inadequate studies to see if it collapses a lung, or does other damage, it would be much easier to do the American Heart Association method of turning the baby over, and following the procedures as taught in a infant CPR class.

I can’t find evidence that Inside Edition, who seems obsessed with running stories on this device has any ownership in the device. All I can say is before you waste $240 on a device, spend $45 to take a complete First Aid/CPR for all ages. It’s the PROPER due diligence for becoming a parent, or watching children. Sign up at mercymedicalcpr.com for our monthly classes, it’s a much better way to understand emergency care for children.

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