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Welcome to Mercy Medical

We are Training Faculty Site, under Newcastle Training Center, and recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA), to instruct using the 2020 AHA guidelines.  Our training is also accepted for OSHA, WISHA, and Dept. of Labor and Industries guidelines.  

We emphasize our training and education in First Aid, CPR, AED, and bloodborne pathogens, recently adding StopTheBleed, and mass casualty Trauma Training.   We use Fire Service experienced live trainers.  Going beyond the “How and What.”, we add the “WHY” so our students have better retention and confidence in their rescue practices.  We adapt our classes to many customer specific needs from daycare, food industries, to industrial trades, office, schools, government, and other occupations.

Our company was established in January 2005 in Yakima, Washington although we have been certified and instructing since 1979, having taught more than 20,000 students in BLS/AHA, and a total of nearly 50,000 students in all classes.  Our regular customers particularly value the convenience of on-site training, travel availability and flexibility of scheduling.  We also hold public classes in both HCP/BLS and Basic First Aid/CPR.  Our classes are available on the menu above.  Classes generally fill a week to two before they are held.

You are the first step in our Emergency Medical System to pre-treat citizens, and increase chances in survival.  Our job is to give you the confidence to treat, and that is accomplished by you understanding the basic steps necessary to treat. Classes are live, and you will learn the steps of CPR, and other injury in a way that you may recall them in the time of need.

Our goal is to train as many people as possible in these simple life saving skills. You will note our prices are lower than most. We are motivated not by the necessity to be certified, but the desire to be qualified. Only half of treatment is physical, we also help you and the patient to emotionally cope with the immediate emergency, and afterwards as well. Defusing emotions, and advancing calm with emphasis on control of the chaotic nature of a medical scene. This includes safety for you and your scene participants.

We are committed to this mission and will continue to move forward to expand our knowledge base so that we may continue to provide our students with the most up to date information available.

Many who take our courses state on their evaluations; “This is the most unique, and informative class I have ever taken, in my 30 years of taking first aid classes.”  We invite you to find out for yourself!

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