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First Aid/CPR

Basic First Aid/CPR

$45 (Pay Online)

Public classes are held at 3201 West Nob Hill Blvd., on Saturdays at 10:00 am. Classes are approximately 4 hours and Include First Aid, Adult, Child, Infant CPR, and A.E.D. taught to American Heart Association standards. This is a 2 Year Certification, L.& I, OSHA, WISHA, and GAP approved. 

This is for the state card that follows Department of Labor and Industries Requirements but is only good in most of Washington State.  National AHA card is available for at an extra cost.

In-House class dates can be found on our calendar HERE.

We are teaching under the newest 2015 AHA Guidelines.  State of Washington cards will be issued on the day of class. AHA cards will be delivered by eCard system which requires student to have access to a computer to complete a survey and download the card.

Private CPR

Your location
Price Varies

Private classes in off-site from our office has a minimum number of students, price is dependent on size of class, distance travelled, and payment arrangements. Those booked will be billed even if no-show, if class is booked for 10 and under students.  Our courses are taught live with no powerpoint or video but with extensive Firefighter experience, our style of teaching will stick better for better retention and use.

National AHA

Add On $25

If you wish to receive a national American Heart Association Heartsaver card instead of the Washington State approved card the cost is $25 more.

Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher and Basic L&I

Add On $10

Please tell scheduler that you wish this added section at time of phone or email class registration.  Adds an additional 30 minutes to class time.

Automated External Defibrillation (AED)


$55 (Cash/Check)/$57 (Credit)1

This course covers a variety of General First Aid and CPR issues and situations for adults, children and infants as well as Automated External Defibrillation (AED) education.  The use of an AED within 3 minutes of cardiac arrest can increase the survival rate by 50-80%.  This course is designed to refresh those who haven’t had a course in a very long time or those who have never had a course at all.  American Heart Association guidelines, the course is 4 hours, can be split into 2 classes of 2 hours each.  Written test required.  This certification is for 2 years.

Automated External Defibrillator ( AED ) Renewel

Price quoted upon request

Courses are tailored to client needs.  All courses are interactive and fun with a low stress environment and is designed to reach each and every student.  Instructors are certified with skills updated as new guidelines are released.  This course is 2 hours.  Written Test required.  This certification is for 2 years.  

AHA Healthcare Provider Basic Life Support



We are currently offering classes on Wednesday evening at 6:00pm Bi- monthly, unless the date falls on a Holiday. During certain times of the year we also hold Saturday classes, look at the calendar.  This class is a 2 year certification  for those who currently work in the Healthcare Industry. For example ; M.D. R.N. L.PN.  CNA  ETC.  Please check with your employer.  This class is also for students that are entering the nursing programs, dental assistants, etc., basically any healthcare worker in Washington State.

American Heart Association requires that we make available the Basic Life Support Handbook.  It is a good guide to following this course.  Because it is optional we leave it up to you if you want to purchase this book to keep, we always have them on hand.  When you sign up check the box for the extra $20 for the AHA book, it will be provided for you at class!

We certify in the most recent American Heart Association Standards, unlike other companies who “teach to AHA standards” we legitimately issue a real AHA card that your employer will accept, which other companies often don’t.  All new AHA cards will be delivered by eCard online system which requires the student to have access to a computer to complete the survey and download their card or use your work email address.

In-House class dates can be found on our calendar HERE.

On Site Private Classes

Private Classes

Price varies

We will be happy to come to your location to teach your staff. We can accommodate up to 100 students per class. We do not have a minimum required amount of attendees, but will charge for the number of confirmed attendees, even if less than this amount attend. If you have very few to certify, please run them through our public classes.  Some classes can have a negotiable price based on distance traveled and number attending, please call to discuss prices.

Businesses may schedule the time and date of their classes at their convenience. If your facility has shifts that run 24 hours, we will be happy to accommodate the class to those shifts. We charge $5 more per student over our in-house rate approximately every 30 miles away from Yakima.

For standard First Aid and CPR which Include, First Aid, Adult, Child, Infant CPR and A.E.D. As many of our classes are just for Industrial companies, teaching kids/infants is an option in a private class.   Companies who do not pay on day of class will have cards held until payment is received.  If employer requires specific AHA cards, receipt of cards will be 30 days after payment is received as those cards are issued directly from AHA.  This certification is for 2 years and is OSHA, WISHA and L.I. approved.  This class lasts 4 hours (3-1/2 hours without kids/infants).

We are registered with the Dept. of L.I. The State of Washington as Venders, and federal contractors with DUNS. If you currently hold an Electrical or HVAC, we will document your training through the L.I. roster system for continuing education credits.,

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Please call or text 509-853-0855. e-mail forbes.mercy@gmail.com, or click in the event in our class schedule to register online. 

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