Pre-paid Registration Now Required

Our classes have never been in greater demand with us having to turn away many who needed the class for school or work. Our policy was always to accept payment at the day of class unless the student wanted to pre-pay. It appears since Covid-19 has started we have a huge uptick in students signing up and just not showing up, this denies access when we close the class because the maximum size of students have signed up, keeping in mind our classes are now half the size due to the virus requirements.

Because of this we have suspended our policy of paying at the time of class and now require that a payment is made at the time of registration. It breaks our hearts that so many people (about 50%) have chosen to deny others training by failing to call in advance to cancel their slot. If you have no means to pay by credit card you can still sign up at (509) 853-0855 although if you fail to show after asking to pay on the day without advance cancellation we will not allow you to take another class. As I said it breaks our heart that people are being so rude, it just ruins it for everyone else who needs this specialized training.